Marine Plants from the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to Salish Seaweeds. We cultivate and sustainably harvest marine plants for their uses as effective botanicals, and delicious and nutritious edibles. Sales of our products support our efforts to use marine plants as mitigators of environmental damage and habitat restoration.

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Three simple rules for eating seafood

Art credit: Molly Mendoza from Paul Greenberg on June 15th

Phlorotannins from Alaska inhibit Carbolic Enzyme Activity

Bioactive Compounds from Algae in the New Millennium; Implications for Neurodegenerative Diseases!po=25.3623

A New Leaf Seaweed

The New Yorker looks at edible marine plants BY DANA GOODYEAR

Chitin and Algae for a sunscreen you can feel good about getting in the water


Have you been looking for a sunscreen that is not made of nano-particles or chemicals you can hardly pronounce? Many sunsceens and lotions also have estrogen mimicing parabens used as preservatives. The result is that downstream of Boulder, CO, for example, the ratio of female to male forage fish is nearly twiceRead More…

Tastes like bacon?

Expect to see seaweed on the menu By: Peg Herring TwitterFacebookGoogle+ The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco is the West Coast’s largest food and beverage trade show. This is where the next big thing shows up first. In recent years, it was kale, kombucha, and almost anything that tastesRead More…

Seaweed extract fucoidan could be used to treat inflammation of the gut

By Jane Ryan Posted 17 Jun 2015, 2:36pm PHOTO: Fucoidan extracts taken from seaweed could be an effective treatment of some bowel disorders, scientists say.(Supplied) MAP: TAS Tasmanian research has found a seaweed extract could be the key to combating inflammatory bowel disorders. Bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis canRead More…