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We  grow seaweeds for clean, sustainable economic opportunity and a new generation of restoration in the Salish Sea.

The applications of marine plants are myriad: medicinals, botanicals, fertilizers and edibles.

Our goal is to cultivate seaweeds to serve these applications with an ultimate goal of using them to restore or create marine habitats and the contribute to the removal of excess nutrients and pollutants entering the Salish Sea.


The conventional wisdom is that all the seaweeds in the Salish Sea are edible with the exception of Desmarestia spp which is commonly refered to as ‘Witch’s Hair.’ Among the 200 other species found here iodine concentrations can vary from 16µg/g in Porphyra spp (or Nori) to over 8000µg/g in Laminaria digitata (marketed as ‘kelp granules’). The FDA has set the acceptable daily intake of iodine for adults from a minimum of 150µg/day to a maximum of 1100 µg/day (200µg/day for toddlers).

However, these plants are also one of the best sources of trace minerals, including iodine, available. Blanching, sun drying and other techniques lower the iodine values and some contain T4 precursors that can greatly benefit those with thyroid problems. Dr Ryan Drum is a local treasure in the San Juan Islands and we highly recommend those with questions about thyroid function and purchasing edible Salish Seaweeds to his website.



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AlgalAid® is a topical formulation of  macroalgae  harvested from the Salish Sea and Alaska. Our goals are to develop standardized marine botanical extracts, formulate safe, effective marine botanical products. We ensure a low ecological impact of our endeavors on plant populations with sustainable wild harvest practices or aquaculture.

We do not test any ingredients on animals and use only pure natural products. Our manufacturing facility is FDA certified, subscribes to their Best Manufacturing Practices and our ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe by the FDA.) All of our products are tested to be sure they are free of herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contamination. We preserve our aqueous formulations with safe, effective food grade preservatives. There are no petrochemicals or synthetic compounds in our AlgalAid, or in our whole plant aqueous extracts.

Most importantly, it works!

Restoration- Phytoremediation

Laminaria hyperboreaMarine plants are becoming recognized as valuable allies in the fight to keep our marine environment clean and healthy. They  can act as phytoaccumulators by concentrating heavy metals, PAHs (Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons), PCBs (Poly Chlorinated Biphenols), and other toxins and pollutants from the water (1). Rhizome systems of eelgrass have been found to remove some of these substances from sediments and degrade them into less harmful compounds(2.).

Our role in phytoremediation is to annually  provide contaminated sites with healthy plants for outplanting, monitoring their growth and uptake of contaminants to determine the appropriate method of disposal or use. While some of the plants have the ability to degrade various toxins it may be more appropriate to treat some as  toxic waste and remove them from the marine environment. In all cases the addition of of our cultivated plants will help mitigate the effects of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous entering the Salish Sea from anthropogenic sources and create opportunities for clean, sustainable products and  jobs.

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