Welcome to Salish Seaweeds

“The number of living creatures of all orders whose existence intimately depends on kelp is wonderful. A great volume might be written describing the inhabitants of one of these beds of seaweed…. I can only compare these great aquatic forests…with terrestrial ones in the intertropical regions. Yet, if in any other country a forest was destroyed, I do not believe so many species of animals would perish as would here, from the destruction of kelp.”
Charles Darwin, 1834

We  grow seaweeds for a new generation of restoration in the Salish Sea and intend to fund our efforts with the clean, sustainable economic opportunities these plants provide.

The applications of marine plants are myriad: biofuels, agricultural feeds, cosmetics, medicinals, fertilizers, plastic substitutes, fabrics, edibles and things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Our goal is to cultivate seaweeds to serve these applications with an ultimate goal of using them to restore or create healthy marine habitats and contribute to the removal of excess nutrients and pollutants entering the Salish Sea..

“In order for us to reverse the tide of damage that’s been going on in Puget Sound, we’re going to need everybody… And that includes not only the government agencies and the state agencies and the nonprofits, but we also need all the people who live here and are moving here.”

– Suquamish Tribe Chief Leonard Forsman 2017