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  1. I am interested in buying fresh seaweed. It is for cooking. Need about 20#. I live in Federal Way. Is this possible?

  2. hello there:) I was wondering if there was anywhere in santa cruz i can purchase your product? It used to be sold at Way of Life on 41st avenue, but they no longer sell your product… I had spoked to a gentleman a few weeks ago about getting a tube sent to my home and I never received it. Is there anyway I can get this very soon?If you would like to contact me heres my number…831.435.6352….heres my address…141 eaton street, santa cruz,ca 95062

  3. Thank you, Moira, for your very thoughtful gift of goos, which arrived this afternoon. At this stage with my little visitors (six weeks), I’m using every safe topical application to shorten their stay and soothe them. It seems as if I need to reeducate the damaged nerve endings to stop over-reacting, and instant ~though temporary~ relief seems to be working.

    Thanks again.


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